The ELLI Research Group Builds Bridges Between Research and Practice

Our team works hard to make research usable for families and educators nationally and internationally.  Our work is relevant across many domains of development, including areas related to education, statistics, self-regulation, and the health sciences.


Our work has been featured in the media and press.

Self-regulation and the development of literacy and language achievement from preschool through second grade
iWRITE professional development program

Gerde, H. K., Bingham, G. E., & Bowles, R. P. iWRITE teacher professional development program funded by the US Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences. 
 News 6,, Preschoolers may soon be enriched with more writing, February 8, 2018

Early childhood educators’ self-efficacy in science, math, and literacy instruction and science practice in the classroom
The development of self-regulation across early childhood
Preschoolers make nature their classroom