The ELLI Research Group Builds Bridges Between Research and Practice

Our team works hard to make research usable for families and educators nationally and internationally.  Our work is relevant across many domains of development, including areas related to education, statistics, self-regulation, and the health sciences.


Our Research-Practice Partnership with Highscope

We are currently engaged in a research-practice partnership with the HighScope Educational Research Foundation, a non-profit educational organization where the historic Perry Preschool Project began in 1962. This Investing in Innovation (i3) research project involves studying the effects of a preschool self-regulation intervention, which includes a comprehensive teacher professional development program, individualized teacher coaching sessions, and enhanced materials related to Plan-Do-Review and Conflict Resolution curricula. Our primary role in this project is to independently evaluate the effectiveness of HighScope’s intervention in boosting the self-regulation, socioemotional, and academic development of preschool students recruited from Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) using a randomized controlled trial design. 

Recent Publications from this Work:

Ahmed, S. F., Skibbe, L. E., McRoy, K., Ozkum, B., & Scharphorn, L. (2021). Strategies, recommendations, and validation of virtual executive function tasks for use with young children. Manuscript under review at Early Childhood Research Quarterly [preprint

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